Everything you need to know about club and all the registration that goes along with it will be here for you! Easily accessible and easy to use. If you have any other questions beyond the norm you can always reach out to us and we will be happy to walk you through any step you are on!


USAV is the governing body that oversees all of the regions, including the Badger Region. Each player must register with USAV and the Badger Region.

On SportEngine you can purchase your membership for the year. This is required to participate in any club activity including, Tune-ups, Tryouts, Camps and Clinics. 

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Tryout Memberships and Full Memberships open September 1st!


Your child's safety is #1 priority for us and the Badger Region. We ask that each kid have a medical release form stating they are healthy enough to participate in club volleyball. 

Concussions are one of the top injuries we see in volleyball but not always addressed. We ask that you read the documentation on concussion protocol and fill out the concussion form.


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Did you miss the score keeping clinic? Here are videos for you to catch up on!


Frequently asked questions

What Badger Region Membership is right for me?

Junior Membership Options:
If you are high-school aged or younger, you need some type of junior membership to participate in Badger Region events and programming. We offer junior membership options ranging from tryout memberships to full memberships to summer memberships. We even offer a FREE youth membership for kids under the age of 8. Click here to read up on which junior membership is right for you. (Not all memberships are listed on the PDF linked to here because the Badger Region does offer special memberships for groups throughout the state such as the WYVL. If you don’t see your exact membership, don’t panic. You will see it when you register in Webpoint.)

Do you participate in the Wisconsin Power League

Yes! We will be sending our teams to the NEW Wisconsin Power League instead of the GLPL.

Do you offer club for boys?

Yes we do! We are growing our boys program every year. Check out our teams page to see what ages we have this year!

How much does it cost to play club?

Our pricing changes form year to year based on the cost of coaching, tournaments, coaches, jerseys, and a few other factors. We try to make club volleyball as affordable as possible! Check out our Teams page for a price breakdown for each team.