Heather Curley - AVCA / Badger Region Club Director of the Year

The Badger Region in partnership with the AVCA has named it's 2019 coaches and club director of the year. 2019 marks the first year the Badger Region and the AVCA partnered to provide things like Coach of the Year awards, Recruiting Tips of the Week and Coaching Tips of the Week. Thanks, American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA), for all you do to help grow the sport of volleyball! https://www.avca.org/awards/avca-rapp-club-awards.html

Director: Heather Curley - Revolution Volleyball Academy

Team's Ages & Divisions:

Girls ages 10-18, Boys ages 12-16 (21 teams for the 2018-2019 season)…I also coached 2 teams (12navy and 17navy)…Overall club finishes: 18 first place finishes and 23 second place finishes.

What was your favorite thing about this year's club? The continued growth we have had over the past seven seasons. We evolved as a local club serving three school districts that now serves a large metropolitan area that competes at the highest level in the region and nationally. We also started our youth program "lil' Revs" which is an introductory program that serves boys and girls ages 6-10. This program also gave me the pleasure to watch my seven-year-old daughter play the sport that she has watched and loves.

What is your favorite Skill/Drill to coach? Slip and Slide - Teams start at a score, for example 19-19 and when one team gets to 22 (or 23) they have to finish strong or fall back to 19. This drill forces the players to finish out their game aggressively.

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