Tournament Finishes - April 13th-14th

CONGRATS to 13pink for taking 1st in silver at the 2 day Diggin in the Dells Tournament! @ Woodside Sports Complex Wisconsin Dells

CONGRATS to 15white for taking 2nd in Gold at the 2 day Diggin in the Dells Tournament! @ Woodside Sports Complex Wisconsin Dells

14pink ended their season by taking 4th out of 32 teams in the Badger Region Power League! They had a 33-15 overall record and made several gold bracket appearances including a 1st and two 2nd place in gold finishes!

They also had a fun last practice scrimmaging their parents!

12pink had an amazing season! Their accomplishments include 4 - 1st in Gold! Their overall record is 29-8! GREAT JOB TEAM!

11navy had a good season! Highlights include a 2nd in Gold, 3rd in Gold, and 1st in silver!

10navy had a great intro to club. We are all proud of the positive attitudes, the athletism and how much they grew thru out the season! They played in 2 11s tournaments and won against some and fought hard vs the others. Hope to see this team back next year! A wonderful group of girls and families!

15pink had a great season! The effort on this team is outstanding! They individually and as a team grew alot. A highlight was taking 2nd place in Gold out of 28 teams at the 2 day Presidents Day Tournament!

17pink had a fun season! A great group of girls and families with a deep love of the sport. Some of them have played with RVA since our 2012 debut! They are all friends both on and off the court. I am sure they will be running into each other for years to come


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