Tournament Finishes - Jan 26-27th

1st RVA Open Tournament on Saturday was a success!

CONGRATS to our champions and finalists: 12 Girls 1ST PLACE: RVA 12 NAVY 2nd Place: Sting 11 Black 12/13 Boys 1st Place: Sting 12 Adidas 2nd Place: Sting 12 Lightning 15 Girls 1ST PLACE: RVA 15NAVY 2nd Place: Adversity 14 1s 16 Boys 1st Place: Spike 15s 2ND PLACE: RVA BOYS 15NAVY

2nd day of our RVA Open Tournament done!

CONGRATS to the winners:

13 Girls 1st Place: 262 Attack 13s 2ND PLACE: RVA 13 NAVY 1ST IN SILVER: RVA 13 PINK 14 Boys 1st Place: Spike 14s 2nd Place: FVP B14 Blue 14 Girls 1ST PLACE: RVA 14 NAVY 2ND PLACE: RVA 14 PINK 18 Girls 1st Place: Wild 18s 2ND PLACE: RVA 17 NAVY

CONGRATS to 15white for taking 1ST PLACE today at the WI Jrs Freeze Fest II Tournament!

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