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January 26th, 2019

DATE: Saturday, January 26, 2019

PLAYING SITE: Center Court, 815 Northview Rd Waukesha, WI 53188

CONTACT: Heather Curley, Club Director, revolutionwi@yahoo.com or 920.723.1561

DAY OF EVENT CONTACT: Whitney Heiden, RVA On-Site Tournament Director, 920.548.3838


Welcome to the RVA OPEN I Tournament. Please send this information to coaches, players and parents. This event will not be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason.


Important Information:

1. Coaches must SIGN and turn in their Webpoint roster with confirmed USAV member numbers for each player.

  • Coaches on roster must have IMPACT or higher education and be safe sport certified

  • Team Fee paid yes or green check mark top right corner


2. Teams that have not turned in their Webpoint roster for their team will not be eligible to participate (NO

EXCEPTION). Please present your roster at the tournament table upon arrival to the facility.


3. There will not be a coaches meeting, any changes will be provided to you when checking in that morning.


4. NO FOOD may be brought into the facility. Any coolers must be kept in the car.


5. Concessions will be provided by the facility.


6. No gum, food or beverages (other than water) will be allowed in the gym.


7. Gym bags should be placed on the bleachers or off to the side walls. DO NOT STORE AT BENCHES. Before leaving your bench, please clean-up after yourself.


8. Neither Center Court nor Revolution Volleyball Club are responsible for lost or stolen items.


9. Region up referees will be provided for all matches.


10. Please start the warm-up immediately following the conclusion of the previous match. This is very important so

that we may stay on schedule, get all the matches in and all leave at a reasonable hour. Work together!


11. Teams must provide an R2, scorekeeper, libero tracker and 2 line judges for pool play.


12. Admission will be $5.00 per person at door.


13. Please bring your own first aid supplies. Limited first aid will be available. Ice is available in concession area.

Tournament Rules: USA Volleyball rules will be utilized. There will be a tournament directors table set up in the




Warm-Ups: Team warm-ups will consist of 2-4-4. 2 minutes shared, 4 for the serving team and 4 for the receiving team. If both teams have played, warm-ups will be 3-3. No shared. The team NOT warming up will stand behind the end line and assist opponent with shagging balls with good sportsmanship. The first match of the day will start on time. All matches that follow may run ahead of schedule. It is the responsibility of each team to follow the progress on their next assigned court and be ready to play when the court is available.



Format: Matches will consist of best of 3, unless otherwise noted on schedules. The first 2 games rally scored to 25

points and the third if needed, rally scored to 15 points. All games are win by 2, no cap.

Tie Breakers: There will not be any tie breakers. Rather, crossover seed/position assignments shall be determined by the following:

  • If 2 teams are tied, higher seed will go to the winner of head-to-head

  • If 3 teams are tied, all three teams will be ranked by the following criteria in order: GAME WINNING% (Games on divided by games played), then TOTAL POINTS DIFFERENTIAL (Total # of points won subtracted from total # of points lost), then



Good Luck and Have Fun!

12 Girls

Pool A Court 1

1. RVA 12 Navy 

2. G Force 12 1’s 

3. 360 12 1’s

4. RVA 11 Navy 

Pool B Court 2

1. River City 12 Blue

2. RVA 12 Pink

3. OVBC 12 Purple

4. MKE Sting 11 Black

15 Girls

Pool A Court 5

1. WI Performance 15 UA 

2. RVA 15 Pink 

3. River City 15 Black

4. Adversity WI 14 1’s

Pool B Court 6

1. RVA 15 Navy

2. Block Party 15 Select

3. Adversity WI 15-2’s

4. WI Performance 15 UA2

12/13 Boys

Pool A Court 3

1. Spike Milwaukee B13 

2. MKE Sting 12 Adidas

3. RVA B12 Navy

4. WI Jr’s 12 Boys 

Pool B Court 4

1. RVA B13 navy

2. Southport B13 Black

3. MKE Sting 12 Lightning

4. Spike Milwaukee B12

16 Boys

Pool A Court 7

1. Spike Milwaukee B16

2. Muskego Stars 16 Black 

3. RVA B15 Navy

4. FVP B15 Green 

Pool B Court 8

1. RVA B16 Navy

2. Spike Milwaukee B15

3. OVC B15

4. Eclipse Boys 15 Solar

Pool Play

8:00am: 1 v 3 (2)

9:00am: 2 v 4 (1)

10:00am: 1 v 4 (3)

11:00am: 2 v 3 (1)

12:00pm: 3 v 4 (2)

1:00pm: 1 v 2 (4)


Gold & Silver Brackets

2:00pm: A 1st v B 2nd (B 4th Ref) Court 1,3,5,7 (Gold)

2:00pm: B 1st v A 2nd (A 4th Ref) Court 2,4,6,8 (Gold)

3:00pm: A 3rd v B 4th (Loser Previous Ref) Court 1,3,5,7 (Silver)

3:00pm: B 3rd v A 4th (Loser Previous Ref) Court 2,4,6,8 (Silver)


4:00pm: Winner of G M1 v Winner of G M2 (Loser Previous Ref) Court 1,3,5,7 (Gold Championship)

4:00pm: Winner of S M1 v Winner of S M2 (Loser Previous Ref) Court 2,4,6,8 (Silver Championship)