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Revolution Volleyball 


Boys ages as young as 11 and all the way through 18 years old! We provide different levels to make sure your kids have a fun and competitive season!

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Growing the Game

RVA is a volleyball club for boys and girls who love the sport of volleyball. Our mission is to provide young athletes the opportunity to play volleyball with a focus on athletic development, teamwork and fun in a competitive environment. 

Navy Teams

Our Navy teams are our top teams for each age group. Ages 15 and older will play an extended season attending AAU Nationals in June/July. Ages 14 and younger have the option of extending their season.

Grey Teams

We offer a Grey team at our 16 level only. This team will play a lighter schedule but it also comes with a lower costs than the Navy team.

Never Too Early, Never Too Late

Our Lil' Revs program is a great start for beginners. Learn the basics and fall in love with the game before you join the club teams.


2024 Team Posters

Check out last years team posters!

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